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Monday, 13 November 2017

When The Refugees Came...

The poem below was being posted on leaflets in Poland. It showed up in various places at the National Day march.

Needless to say it aroused the ire of those lefties who are so concerned about being politically correct they are like the frog in the pot of water sitting on a hot stove...

The poem was posted on  Gates of Vienna Blog...Many Thanks to them for posting this!! This is only one of many good posts on the blog so please visit them.

I think it is important to share this because it truly reveals what is happening around the world. (Note: All Emphasis mine...ed.) As you read it ask yourself this: 

"Is There Really Still Time??" 

 Under the photo at the top of the poster the text reads:

  "A Mother with a Child After an Acid Attack"
…this picture says more about Islam than a thousand words
 The text  of the poem is translated below:

A Pole is Wise, Before Suffering

*A Word-play on a Polish saying:
 “A Pole is Wise, After Suffering”

When the Refugees came, I didn’t protest~They were "poor refugees"
When they established Mosques,I didn’t protest~They have the right to pray.
When they introduced Halal food in schools
I didn’t protest
~They can only eat what the Koran allows them to.
When they carried out attacks
I didn’t protest
~It’s only a small group of radicals, which doesn’t represent true Islam.
When they raped women
I didn’t protest
~Rapes occur in every culture and religion, and they have nothing to do with Islam.
When they demanded Sharia zones
I didn’t protest
~They need their own space, and we live in a free country.
When their MPs took their seats in parliament
I didn’t protest
~They’re almost half the population now and have a right to be represented.
When they introduced Sharia law, It Was Too Late For Me To Protest...
There is still time...I think!!!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

I Won't be Posting Much In The Next Weeks

Sometimes it does not pay to rush. I was running downhill~tripped and fell. Couple of broken bones and may need my elbow replaced...hopefully not! And I'm the one telling everybody to be careful!! Oh Well...

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Best of Thomas Sowell

I can't remember when I first heard of Thomas Sowell. I do know that I have always found him to be somewhat amazing. This is a man who is objective and has the ability to extract the truth and leave the BS behind. A wonderful example for all of us!

 The Best of Thomas Sowell I  

The Best of Thomas Sowell II


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